Return Policy

If you're based in the EU, there are consumer protection regulations that apply to you. Note that EU law often allows EU consumers to invoke their consumer law protections even when dealing with businesses based outside of the EU;

For example, under laws such as the European Union Directive on Consumer Rights, EU consumers are given special legal protections. Rules for online purchases are sometimes referred to as “distance selling laws.”

This is not a complete list of all potentially relevant laws, but some of the key rules can be found in legislation like the Directive on Consumer Rights. We have simplified the rules to make them easier to understand. In addition to the Directive on Consumer Rights, there may be other European laws and regulations which apply to your business. We recommend speaking with a qualified expert about which laws may apply to you and your business.

Under the current regulation, if buyers properly exercise their right of return, Ma-boutique-shopping must issue a refund within 14 days of receiving the returned item or evidence that the item has been shipped back, Ma-boutique-shopping is fully committed in respecting this obligation. Please note that in the EU, the refund a seller provides in the event of a return is required to include the shipping cost for the initial delivery to the buyer.